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WordPress and Making 3D WebGL ThreeJS Websites

Lately, I love working with 3D and making 3D website components. From creating immersive experiences to adding visual flair, 3D has opened a new world of possibilities for me, and I’m eagerly exploring it.

Here is a very simple scroll trigger 3d animation that I made. The animation responds to the user’s scroll, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.

Why with WordPress?

WordPress, being the best web software out there, provides a smooth platform for integrating these 3D components. I’ve been experimenting with various plugins and builders to embed my 3D components and animations directly into WordPress.

The combination of WordPress’s flexibility with the power of ThreeJS has made my web development journey more fun. 😊

What Tools am I learning?

I am learning both Spline 3D Designer which gives pretty good animation and I am learning React Three Fiber same time.

Spline gives decent 3D modeling, Materials, and Animation options. ıt has some limitations with interactions. They are working on a library api but it is not good enough yet.

React Three Fiber has no limits. Whatever you can code is what you can make. That’s why I love it. There are more and more libraries coming out for the ecosystem.

Augmented Reality and Websites

The next big boom in the web will happen with AR and AR glasses.

Be ready…

Here is a playable WordPress 20th 3D scene. Have fun.

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