Best WordPress Live Chat Solutions to Love

Finding the perfect and best overall live chat solution is really hard. Because good live chat solutions are not about chatting. Probably that’s clear to you by now. I tried lots of live chat solutions in the past self-hosted ones,

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How to Make the Fastest WordPress Website

One of the Hosting, Code, or Optimization may be the reason for making your WordPress website slower. I made WordPress websites for 10+ years. Almost any type of WordPress site I probably had my hands on it. I learned in

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WordPress 6.0 is here and I love it

I was using the beta on my demo website for a while. My favorite feature is multi-block/text selection. Why the hell does this feature take so long WordPress 🙂 Anyway, 6.0 is nice, fast, and clean. I am not happy

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Sinan Isler

Hi, I am a WordPress Ninja and I do; Native WordPress Theme Development, WooCommerce Development, Mobile First Responsive Development, Speed and SEO Optimization, Bootstrap, CSS, JS, Front-End, Back-End, Middle-Earth, Elementor.

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