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Meta Field Block, Query Loop post_id Shortcode Fix, Dynamic Tags

I just found a nice Block Editor plugin in the git issues that adds lots of developer-friendly toolsets and fixes the age-old problem with the block editor shortcode post_id problem.

Problem: In the Query Loop Block when you use a shortcode that depends on the current post_id it won’t work. Because the shortcodes are not properly supported in the Block Editor. BIG oversight from the block editor team.

This plugin fixes that problem and it is packed with other features too.

I liked its dynamic tags features it is very similar to PHP framework theming and bricks 🤗

The plugin’s support extends to a wide range of ACF field types, including complex fields such as Image, Link, and Select, albeit in their basic formats. This broad compatibility ensures that most users’ needs are met without requiring extensive workarounds or custom coding.

The plugin’s developer-friendly hook APIs offer an avenue for customization and advanced functionality, allowing for the display of complex data types and the use of the block as a placeholder for virtually any kind of content.

The HTML output capabilities of the plugin are also commendable, with specific outputs for different ACF fields and the ability to customize these through filters. Whether it’s displaying links, images, checkboxes, or even embedding URLs, the plugin offers straightforward solutions for a range of content types. Y

The provided code snippets for customization and the support for displaying fields on various templates (such as taxonomy, category, tag, and author templates) make it a powerful tool for tailoring content displays to specific requirements.

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