Humanities Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Over the past two centuries, humanity has made remarkable leaps in technology, often turning what was once science fiction into reality.

This journey has seen us move from horse-drawn carriages to electric cars, from flickering candles to renewable energy, and from manual calculations to computing and then advanced artificial intelligence.

Each of these advancements was once a mere dream, a self-fulfilling prophecy that we relentlessly pursued until it became our reality.


The evolution of vehicles is a testament to human ingenuity.

Two hundred years ago, the thought of mechanized transportation was a distant dream. Today, we have cars that drive themselves!

Electric vehicles that champion at sustainability, and even concepts of flying cars becoming more a reality.

This progression shows how our dreams directly influence our technological development.


Energy has undergone a significant transformation.

Shifting from wood, coal, and oil to cleaner and more sustainable sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

This shift was driven by the prophecy that one day we would need to rely on renewable resources to sustain our planet.

Now, renewable energy is not just a possibility; it’s a necessity and a rapidly growing industry.


The evolution of computing is nothing short of a miracle.

From the cumbersome and slow machines of the early 20th century to the sleek, powerful smartphones in our pockets, computing technology and chips have exponentially become better, faster, and smaller.

This growth has been propelled by our belief in the power of computation to solve complex problems and improve our lives.

AI and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics were once the subjects of science fiction!

Now, they are integral to our daily lives, reshaping industries, and opening new frontiers in medicine, manufacturing, and beyond.

Our relentless pursuit of these technologies has brought us to a point where AI and robotics are not just tools but partners in our journey toward a smarter future.

We have just started to explore the future with AI and Robotics. But after all of those books and movies isn’t it too familiar already?

Weird isn’t it?


AI and ML models already started to find amazing drugs, proteins and treatments. I think this will exponentially speed up. My only hope is that we can keep up with it and fairly the world receives those discoveries. Time will show us how it will unfold.

The Next Frontier: Warp Drive

As we look to the stars, the concept of a Warp Drive, a technology that could enable faster-than-light travel, remains in the realm of speculation and theory.

However, considering our track record of turning fiction into reality, who’s to say that this won’t be achievable?

It may take another 50 years or more,

but if history has taught us anything,

it’s that no dream is too big,

and no idea too far-fetched.

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