Spline, No Code ThreeJS Editor, WordPress ThreeJS


No Code editors are on the rise. Specialy advanced editors for web development and scene development.

Spline is one of them.

Probably one of my favorites.

It has really nice web based GUI and you can create your own 3D models, scenes, animations, and states.

It has js API if you know little bit javascript and you can code advance 3d interactions in your site.

They use amazon s3 to build and publish your scenes when you build them. so you have global CDN system for fastest possible loading.

Prod loading is fast but First Contentful Paint (FCP) is really bad. I hope they are working on this to make the builds load more smoother and faster without freezes.


Every block has states and states are like position color size it can be whatever you do to your objects. Think the States like timeline points. Animating in one state to another state.


Every object can have events. Events are triggers for your states. You can put lots of different type of states. Like entrance animation, auto loops, easing, sound, video, switch camera, create or destroy objects and combination of all. Limitless possibilities. Limitless interactions.

Chaining States

You can chain states with other states and chain events with other events this gives you more flexibility. You can build your events in one object or stagger on all other objects. Depending on your use case.

Native Spline Shapes Advance Settings

Native Spline Shapes have more settings instead of importing objects if you can solve it with native objects just use objects. They have a lot of more advantages over imported content and they are very optimized usually.