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CyberPanel Trash Deleting File Issue Easy Solution, Ghost Files

For some reason, CyberPanel 2.3 version has a weird bug.

If you delete a file from Website FileManager it actually doesn’t delete it.

The file still exists and if you have limited VPS storage this becomes a big problem very fast.

Every time uploading a new backup couple GB here couple GB there and oh you just have 20GB ghost files.

The solution is simple if you are using CyberPanel with Centos.

Just go in ssh and go to the domain trash folder.

If you delete something on a domain that trash folder starts to fill up even if you check the “permanently delete” option. For whatever reason, it still keeps the file there.


ssh command;

cd /home/

after this write an ” ls ” to see if your big files are here and see the names

after you your files let’s say you have a on the list and want to delete it.

ssh command;


it will ask you are you sure kinda thing. just write Y and Enter.

Write an ” ls ” again to see if the file is deleted. ” ls ” command is just a list command.

That’s it easy fix.

Weird bug this bug exists in a couple of major CyberPanel versions too.

Come on dude @usmannasir fix it

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    Sinan Isler

    by the way i quit on cyberpanel. for some reason hostinger stack wasn’t good enough and created some problems with litespeed.

    litespeed was making stupid things. like not restarting/starting itself. i never ever face something like that with apache !
    i will never touch litespeed again….

    i just installed clean LAMPP and setup my server and now my mind is happy… 😎

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