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Content is King and Search Engines Love It

In 1996 Bill Gates write a short article about Content and said “Content is King“.

In the SEO world, we think the same thing.

After years and years later SEO fundamentals didn’t change. Good and regular content always prevails.

For the last 4 years, I am only making SEO for myself and not my clients. Thanks to youtube I had the freedom to do whatever I want.

But without challenges, it is hard to keep improving. I love challenges. I love solving problems.

The happiness and fulfillment I get from solving problems and creating solutions are more important than money or awards for me.

Most SEO agencies underestimate the content and good coded semantic HTML. Most people are stuck on the latest technology race and that makes them blinded and spend more money on not needed solutions.

If you focus on Front-End elements first and ignore good HTML/Schema/Tagging you will just shoot your leg…

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