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Best Free Adobe Alternative Programs

Well almost all software companies converted to subscription models and they become data-hungry moguls. This created not just ownership problems but they created privacy problems too. Because of that staying away from these giant data-hungry monsters is very important. If you can avoid it you should avoid it.

This is why I love Open Source apps. Not because Open Source is free but because it gives freedom.

We should protect our data and our minds.

I use most of these programs regularly so I am recommending this list from my experience you can use these tools without even thinking twice 😊

Krita (Photoshop)

Best Photoshop Alternative 🙂

Gimp (Photoshop)

Second Best Photoshop Alternative 🙂

Blender (3D)

Best 3D Program. Adobe doesn’t even have this good 3d program so

RawTherapee (Lightroom)

Best Lightroom Alternative. Maybe even better in some cases. If you love photography and have lots of photos to manage this is the program.

Inkscape (Illustrator / InDesign)

Best Illustrator / InDesign / CorelDraw alternative. If you need a good vector program for graphic design or printing this is the tool.

Davinci Resolve (Premier Pro / After Effects)

Davinci Resolve is probably 4 programs at once. Not just the best Premier Pro alternative but the best After Effect alternative too. The free version comes with great features with it but if you are willing to pay one time 295$ I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Trust me all Hollywood and Bollywood using it they know better than me 😉

LLMS (Audition)

Very good music maker and audio editing program.

Ardour (Audition)

Very good music maker and audio editing program.

Audacity (Audition)

Very good audio editing program.

PDFSam (Acrobat Pro)

Probably the best Acrobat Pro alternative for editing or managing .pdfs. Not fully free but free is good enough for most cases.

LibreOffice (Office+Acrobat)

Libreoffice actually a Microsoft Office alternative but the tool can create .pdf too.

Do you have recommendations? Please comment below 😊

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