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My New Codex For WordPress and Web Tech

I had a code vault for a long long time. But for the last 5 years never touched it.

I made a small break.

But I think it’s time to write a new Codex and Code Library for 2 reasons.

1 – I love taking code notes for myself. Sometimes I make crazy simple solutions to solve hard problems and that kind of code can be very useful and time-saving. Even simple codes make the development cycle very fast. Writing is good.

2 – I love sharing. Last 12 years I wrote a book, made countless videos, video tutorials, and wrote countless articles. I am the person who truly believes sharing makes us better. Helping others while helping myself is the best way to give back to the world.

Oh, and my old codex is in Turkish so it is not very useful to the world. Probably millions of people read in Turkish but still. The new Codex will be in English and billions of people can read it.

I want to write in English and reach more people. I think this is best for me and for everyone reading this blog or searching on google and finding my articles randomly.

Codex is not ready yet I just started writing content. I will write a lot tho there are lots of useful snippets I want to write here. I am pretty sure some people will be happy with those contents. There will be mainly WordPress, JS, CSS, HTML, and Web3 topics but it will probably grow in time.

The design and coding process is not done yet so the look will change in time.

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