My SEO Notes for ■■■■■■ Project

Yes cant write the name but I can share my tips and tricks about it.

This was actually personal notes but I decided to share it. Because why not.


Project required to have Elementor because fast development content focusing. I would not make this decision 2 years ago because elementors DOM was shit back then but not anymore. New elementor HTML DOM is good enough for most SEO cases. Still doubles the HTML DOM size more than needed but much much cleaner and SEO friendly.

When you use Elementor Highly recommend using the Phastpress plugin for optimization with W3 Total Cache for speed.

Structure for building the site.

  • Elementor
    • Enable everything except grids
    • No need special settings
  • Phastpress
    • Disable image optimizations. (If the site has lots of images like gallery or photo site something)
    • Keep the rest default
  • W3 Total Cache
    • Only enable the Page Cache
    • Keep the rest default
  • SEO Plugin (Whatever you like)
  • 301 and 404 Plugin
  • Advance Permalink Plugin (If needed some SEO tools solves this)

Technical Points Permalink Structure

DO NOT publish the site if you think it is not ready yet.

I know I know it is hard to know if it is ready or not sometimes. But if you publish the site early you may have to change permalink structures you may need to create or remove some changes. This changes makes your SEO journey complicated. Will create 404 problems for google bot not good.

Be 100% sure everything is ready especially your permalink structure must be ready.

Spend lots of time on development or staging and make lots of changes before going live.

After you go live DO NOT change structure.

SEO URL Structure, Sub Nodes to Main Nodes

You may say “what the hell is nodes?”

Nodes are your permalink points and your sites relational structure.

Every website is a spider web-like structure. Build your structure related to your website and your topical content.

Create your relational taxonomies/nodes.

Let’s say you are building a Car site. Create custom taxonomies like Brand, Models, Color, Year. Depending on your content depth create as much as taxonomy as you need.

Build your content relational like a SQL database like Spider Web like NODES 😉

Calling it Nodes includes all of those terms that’s why I like using it.

Set up your SEO Plugin very very smartly. If you are opening a new site that means you don’t know your potential strong keywords yet. Except if your domain has the keyword already that gives a boost for you. Make a good and long research to create a strong site title, title side keywords, and good meta descriptions for your main pages.

If you plan to compete with a website look at your competitions keywords and descriptions and get inspired from them. If they can make it why cant you.

Install Statistics for Visitors and SEO

Google Analytics or an alternative is a must.

If you are aiming to make a SEO competition you have to have a statistic installed.

Personally, I like using the Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress it installs everything for me. Analytics, Console, and Tag Manager all in one.

Do this when you go live on DAY ONE.

Install 301 and 404 Logger Plugin

Hopefully, you never need it but always have a 301 and 404 logger and redirection plugin. 301 and 404 plugins are usually integrated together select one and use it.

When you have a 404 problem and Google Bot try to visit 404 page you can see the problem and act on it. Maybe you changed a post URL or you deleted something. Doesnt matter maybe you did everything perfectly but a 404 happened because of a plugin or external problem it happens all the time. Catching those 404 logs is very important. When you catch one create a 301 forward 404 page to a related page. VERY IMPORTANT.

Keep the site very healthy. From start to forever.

No bot or a person want to see a 404 page. NEVER.

Make Good Content and Publish Every Day

When you are creating a site from zero. Keyword Tools are your friends for finding good value content ideas. can be ahref or moz or adwords keyword tool or trends. Use them all to create your content ideas.

Be consistent. PUBLISH EVERY DAY.

Give people and google bot a reason to visit your site EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Analyze and Repeat

Watch your statistics and search console. While creating your content adapt to your search console potential. No plan is perfect. You will change your plan and main keywords or your keyword priorities on the way and that’s fine. Change is good.

Especially if you are aiming for big keywords you have to rank on your side keywords first then you can start to compete on big ones.

SEO is a time and patience game.

If you do everything correctly rest is just time and your work.

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