My Favorite Block Plugins October 2023

I tested the most popular block plugins and new trending popular block plugins. This time I wanted to share. Because it feels like these plugins becoming crazy good.

Yes yes, millions of people using them already of course they must be good right? I know 🙂

What I mean is “Are they good enough for agency or client work or professional layout building?”

This is the question I always ask on each test.

This test made me feel like we are almost there and no thanks to core WordPress Block Editor. 😜 Kidding if there wasn’t a Block Editor we wouldn’t have these plugins but that doesn’t mean nothing to improve on the core editor.

I started to increase my tests because I want to use block editor more on client works. Usually, I use elementor and I code my own widgets if needed for custom designs. But when I can I push the block editor as much as possible for client our our team to use. Like dynamic post types, blogs, news or press posts…etc. They have no idea they are learning the block editor slowly without even noticing 🙂

My test doesn’t include all possible block testing. I focus on advanced client needs like responsive layout building, flex attributes, css attributes, carousels, galleries, styles, and some extra block features.

Spectra and Otter was my favorite for a while but this time we have a new winner. Stackable.

This team doing amazing work and they integrated their blocks with the block editor so seamlessly, especially on responsive attr values it is crazy good.

Usually, every plugin has something missing. Some of them don’t have proper responsive, some of them have bad carousels, and some of them have bad styling. Maybe I should make a table for this on my next tests 😂

But Stackable surprised me. It felt complete like other popular builders webflow or elementor or bricks.

Here is my Latest List

@wpstackable Stackable

@WeBrainstorm Spectra

Greenshift (I have big hopes for this one watch this one closely)

@ThemeIsle Otter Blocks

@GoDaddyPro CoBlocks

@PublishPresscom Blocks


Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks

Helper Plugins;

Content Control

Block Visibility

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