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How to Make the Fastest WordPress Website

One of the Hosting, Code, or Optimization may be the reason for making your WordPress website slower.

I made WordPress websites for 10+ years. Almost any type of WordPress site I probably had my hands on it.

I learned in time to use good hosting, write good code, and make good optimization to have a perfect WordPress site.

Lately, I am seeing lots of common mistakes on WordPress sites. Buying budget hosting and making a WordPress site is easy. You just need to know some basics.

WordPress is made for Everybody, Everyone, and Everywhere.

It is made for working on every hosting, every platform, almost every system, and every server.

Because of that reason sometimes we see common problems start to happen. Not all hosting are best, not all codes are perfect, and not all of us know how to activate a cache plugin and make the settings right.

Because everyone is not an expert on WordPress, Hosting, or optimization. It should not be anyway. We see these slowing issues. It is ok.

These 3 topic is the most important topics to have a very fast WordPress site.

I tried to give some idea and information about these most important 3 issues.

These recommendations will give you some knowledge of how to create a good WordPress site and keep it fast.


I will talk about hosting first because most of my clients make the first mistake here. Buying bad hosting or the cheapest plan and expecting the website to work properly is an impossible task. It will not happen.

Bad Hosting = Bad Performance = Bad Website

If you have a website that opens in 30+ seconds no one will want to visit your website a second time. Bad experience creates bad results.

Don’t be cheap on buying hosting. This doesn’t mean most expensive hosting is the solution. NO!

Just make research and don’t buy the first hosting you find. Trust the biggest hostings. They usually have the best support. If you need a formula; Usually Good support = Good hosting.

If you don’t know what hosting is fast and have the best price/performance/support just consult with WordPress people. Hosting is a bit complicated thing to solve for a beginner.

It depends on your location, project, project size, project category, and the customization of your theme.

I don’t like recommending hosting but personally, I use Hostinger on my WordPress sites. I have a small VPS 2gb ram. I find their services a price/performance beast. Their WordPress optimization in another level. No affiliate link here 🙂

But do not! buy smallest hosting plans. At least buy mid-level plans. Doesn’t matter if you have only 1 website or 2 websites. Just don’t be cheap about hosting.

My recommendation is to buy an entry-level VPS like 1GB or 2GB ram. Prices are almost the same with mid-level hostings anyway.


I think the most common mistakes are made with the code. Writing a WordPress theme is not that hard. but it takes practice and knowledge to know writing good code on any system. Even some of the premium paid WordPress themes has huge performance issues. It happens I’ve seen it a lot.

It is not just about WordPress. For writing a good WordPress theme you need to know good PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. If you don’t you will %100 make mistakes along the way. And the speed of any website depends on the slowest parts.

Making themes without Template Hierarchy knowledge is the second most common mistake. I am amazed that find some themes that don’t even respect the Template Hierarchy. The biggest problem with this is if you do not make a native WordPress theme DO NOT expect plugins to work properly. Every plugin out there expects the theme to work on the native WordPress hierarchy.

I don’t know any WordPress website without plugins, do you? I never had less than 5 plugins on most of my websites.

So even If you are not a developer and not gonna write a theme look for themes that supports lots of plugins. That is a good sign that theme was written well enough to work with most plugins.

For example, WooCommerce’s StoreFront theme is great they still developing it. It is perfect for WooCommerce but you can use that theme for anything really.

There are amazing Block Gutenberg-supported themes on ThemeForest.


Last but not least. Let’s say you have good hosting and good code but not good optimization.

Your website can be still slow. Using the Right plugins in the Right way is the most important thing.

Even installing a Cache Plugin and just activating Page Cache is a huge solution for most WordPress sites.

If you have a dynamic site let’s say an e-commerce site you need to have a dynamic cache solution. Your clients need to see your latest products and prices in real time. They need to add stuff to the cart and make checkout.

Setting up the right plugin in the right way is very important.

Please don’t use too many plugins I had some clients have 50 or 60 plugins on their site. Using plugins is fine but using very heavy plugins and too many of them will kill your website performance. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest hosting or not. Like anything else in the universe, everything has its limits.

You can not expect to WordPress work normally with 50 or 100 plugins. That’s just a ticket for disaster.

Be careful with it 🙂


There is just 3 most important thing that creates your perfect WordPress site.

If you solve these 3 issues with good solutions. You will be fine.

Have fun writing and creating content.

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