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Customizing the WordPress Login Logo

This code snippet allows you to customize the WordPress login screen by replacing the default WordPress logo with your own custom logo. Simply update the $custom_logo URL with the location of your logo and adjust the width and height accordingly. This snippet ensures that your branding is consistent right from the login page of your WordPress site.

add_filter( 'login_head', 'snn_custom_login_logo' );
function snn_custom_login_logo() {
    // Update the line below with the URL to your own logo.
    // Adjust the Width & Height accordingly.
    $custom_logo = ''; // Change the URL to your logo
    $logo_width  = 84;
    $logo_height = 84;
        '<style>.login h1 a {background-image:url(%1$s) !important; margin:0 auto; width: %2$spx; height: %3$spx; background-size: 100%%;}</style>',

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