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Creating Conditions and Logic For Any Sections, Visibility Logic for Elementor

On elementor we dont really have a logic system for sections or widgets.

Yes we can make templates with Pro and create template parts that shows on some parts or in some conditions but not in the sections or small parts of the design itself.

You can make a guest menu but you can not make a menu and add lets say login button and show that button only on guests. Because of that you have to make 2 menu template and make one for guests and make one for logged users. This creates more work and creates complexity in the design.

Thankfully we have a solution. A plugin called: Visibility Logic for Elementor

Visibility Logic for Elementor – WordPress plugin |

Thanks to the plugin we can create logic inside in ANY widget, section, and part of the design.

The most important features are free so thank you for making this plugin.



How it Works

Activate the Plugin.

Just create a template or page whatever you want. Add something. I added a Heading like this.
As you can see plugin added a new Tab names Stax Visiblity


After clicking that Tab enable the Visibility and Change some settings.


As you can see there is lots of features. Free option have the role based visibility.

Most of the people only need that anyway.

Add guests, Logged or Admin whatever you want and that’s it. Done.





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