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Best WordPress AI Plugin (?)

Yep, I found lots of AI plugins last couple of months I think this is the best one so far.

AI Engine.

It is amazing AI plugin. You can create your chatbot generator, fine-tune your model with your data.

These are the some of the Free Features

GPT-like Chatbot Integration Integrate a chatbot on your site, inclusive of image bot, with an easy-to-use shortcode builder, offering myriad settings and options.

Engagement Content & Image Creation Produce captivating and new content along with images for your website.

AI Toolset Playground Access a spectrum of tools like translation, correction, and interactive discussions, among others.

Customizable Template System Design your personal templates for Playground, Content, or Image Creation, simplifying your tasks further!

On-Site AI Copilot Employ the AI directly within the editor interface.

AI Training Suite A user-friendly interface for editing datasets, training your AI models, and overseeing your refined models.

Casual Fine-Tuning Feature To simplify AI training and incorporation of fine-tuned models, AI Engine introduced “Casual Fine-Tuning” as a feature or option usable across various plugin sections, handling the process for you.

Instant Recommendations With a single click, receive and implement suggestions (such as titles, excerpts, etc).

In-House AI Engine API AI Engine API is open for all! Consolidate risk and statistical data in one centralized location.

and there a lot more Pro features as well.

I just wanted to share with people. Lot of my friends asking me about AI. I wanted to write here so it will be helpful for people to search and find.

If you want to make your website AI-Website this plugin is way to go.

I am pretty sure there will be lots of plugins in the making for WordPress.

Cant wait for the future. AI boosting us nonstop…


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