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Designing and Coding My

I registered the in 2007.

Since 2007 I redesigned and changed at least 10 times.

First I started with HTML/CSS and around 2011 I switch to WordPress.

This time I am focusing on hyper minimalism and content-focused design.

I will develop this theme over time and will make it open source here for everyone to use it.

I am not the best web designer but thanks to my graphic design background I have a good eye for simple and functional designs.

I love coding and leave designing to the best people.

I didn’t just want minimalism for the front end I wanted it for the back end too. De-registering some of the WordPress has not needed features to make the site much faster, and I love the cleaner code.

I brought back my old logo too and put it in the favicon. I made my Si logo in 2012. Here is my 2012 website.

Looks like I am obsessed with minimalist designs

I always wrote in Turkish here but time to write English and reach out and help out much more people around the world.

My main focus will be of course first WordPress and after Web Technologies. WordPress and new kinds of ways to write and publishing growing really fast. Block themes and plugins getting crazy good. There is still room to improve. I think we need more themes than we need plugins at this point.

I love where Block patterns going tho I think it will be huge 1 year from now and we will use more and more open-source pattern blocks. WordPress block library will change things for sure.

I have a lot of interest in modern technologies and the future of tech. Sci-Fi is my favorite category 🙂

I will try to write about Web3 and AI from time to time. I read and follow a lot but I don’t usually write about what learned maybe I should start to write about those things too.

Anyway, I will not keep this long it was just a starting post.

Thanks for reading.

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