15 Years Later, Designing and Coding Sinanisler.com

I registered the sinanisler.com in 2007.

Since 2007 I redesigned and changed sinanisler.com at least 10 times.

First I started with HTML/CSS and around 2011 I switch to WordPress.

This time I am focusing on hyper minimalism and content-focused design.

I am not the best web designer but thanks to my graphic design background I have a good eye for simple and functional designs.

I love coding and leave designing to the best people.

I didn’t just want minimalism for the front end I wanted it for the back end too. De-registering some of the WordPress has not needed features to make the site much much faster and I love the cleaner code tbh.

I brought back my old logo too and put it in the favicon. I made my Si logo in 2012. Here is my 2012 sinanisler.com website.

Looks like I am obsessed with minimalist designs

I always wrote in Turkish here but time to write English and reach out and help out much more people around the world.

Anyway, I will not keep this long it was just a starting post.

Thanks for reading.